That’s good ole L. Ron Hubbard up there. He was the one who claimed that tomatoes scream when cut. Then, of course, there have been a number of other studies that have done things like hooked plants up to polygraphs and other machines that are used to test stress in human beings.

I am not making the argument that animals experience cognition on the same level that humans do. That said, it’s pretty obvious to anyone that they do experience things like fear, stress, and pain. Now, you could make the case that that doesn’t matter. However, if you were to do that, there would be no reason to have any kind of laws against torturing or mutilating animals.

Well, it doesn’t serve a human need, right?

If that’s the justification for killing animals, then it is saying that animals’ rights are balanced against something and an implicit acknowledgement that they have the right to not be made to pointlessly suffer. So then if we can eat plants that lack the Central Nervous System to suffer, do we need to eat animals?

This story line is going to last a few more comics. Then, there will be NEW stuff!